Kevin Gilbride started in the snow industry in 1996 as part of the team that launched what is today known as Snow Magazine. Deeply passionate about the snow industry and the issues that face today’s professional snow and ice management companies, Kevin brings a level of experience from the business side that benefits ASCA membership. As Executive Director of the ASCA, Kevin is committed to helping drive our industry to new levels, and getting the outside world to recognize both the professionalism that exists in the industry and the unfairness that the outside world places on your business.

Dave Szy is the Publisher for both Snow Magazine and Lawn & Landscape, and has been active in the ASCA community for many years. Familiar with the Association, Dave has attended the Snow & Ice Show, as well as the yearly Executive Summit.

Mike Zawacki is the Editor of both Snow Magazine and its sister publication, Golf Course Industry Magazine. He has served as Snow Magazine’s editorial lead for more than a decade and is involved in the ASCA and its many programs.

Craig Thorne is an Account Manager for both Cannabis Business Times and the annual Snow & Ice Show. A lumberjack in his earlier life, Craig is in tune with the manual work of a hardworking industry.

Michaela Dodrill joined GIE Media in 2018 as a market coordinator for eight of the company’s publications. As the Membership and Marketing Manager for the ASCA, she works directly with current and potential members to answer any questions regarding the Association, and represents the ASCA at shows and events.

Irene Sweeney, Marketing Director, began her career at GIE Media in 2008. As part of the ASCA team, Irene works to promote upcoming educational events, as well as drive membership initiatives. In addition to marketing for the ASCA, Irene is also responsible for the marketing of all 17 publications owned by GIE Media as well as the company’s numerous conferences.

Katie Tuttle has been with GIE Media for 5 years. As marketing associate, she works directly with the ASCA team on membership initiatives, as well as promotion for events, such as the Snow & Ice Show. A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Katie has previously worked on GIE Media’s Golf Course Industry and Lawn & Landscape magazines.