The rising cost and availability of comprehensive insurance coverage are among the top concerns for professionals in the snow and ice management industry. Often, contractors' policies do not contain adequate coverage, and this can have catastrophic consequences – uncovered claims, damage to the contractor's reputation, loss of clients, etc. Many times, large claims can result in increased premiums or loss of coverage all together.

To combat such an adverse outcome, the ASCA worked extensively with Mills Insurance Group to develop the best response. From these early stages, these two organizations worked to develop the ASCA-C educational program and ISO9001/SN9001 certification. To date, these are the only certifications recognized by the insurance industry.

If you are a Snow Contractor:


Mills Insurance Group, LLC, is the ASCA endorsed insurance agency that works directly with snow contractors to provide the appropriate insurance.

Using a specialized understanding of both the snow and insurance industries, Mills takes a consultative approach, pairing purchasing of the best insurance products with an education on “why” risk management techniques will sustain your company for a predictable and stable future.

Mills Insurance the ASCA were tasked to build an insurance solution that could last. Whereas Mills Insurance Group works directly with the snow contractor, Snow Removal Insurance Brokerage is a Program Administrator that works with independent agents to assist them in providing existing clients with a Snow Removal product.

If you are an agent:

Snow Removal Insurance Brokerage 888-360-SNOW

SRIB currently distributes its tailored program to a limited network of retail agents throughout the United States and markets the program’s availability through the ASCA.

  • The program is written on “A” rated insurance paper.
  • The program gives snow and ice management contractors the ability to work on a variety of property types, encourages growth, and focuses on recognizing contractors who conduct their operations in accordance with the ASCA standards.
  • Additional premium consideration is given for ISO9001/SN9001 certified companies.
  • To be eligible for the program, companies must be current ASCA members and working towards or already established ASCA-C Certification. 
  • The program boasts a 25% ultimate loss ratio (ULR) compared to the rest of the industry which has a 117%.