The rising cost and availability of comprehensive insurance coverage are among the top concerns for professionals in the snow and ice management industry. Often, contractors' policies do not contain adequate coverage, and this can have catastrophic consequences – uncovered claims, damage to the contractor's reputation, loss of clients, etc. Many times, large claims can result in increased premiums or loss of coverage all together.


To that end, we have recently partnered with the McGowan Companies, one of the largest privately-owned insurance program administrators in the country. For more than 50 years, McGowan has demonstrated a track record for developing innovative insurance solutions for specialty customer segments such as ours. The McGowan Companies manage programs for trade contractors, public entities, real estate, condo associations, hotels, restaurants, franchises, lawyers and accountants, to name a few. McGowan’s reputation for successfully managing program business along with their nearly 400 carrier relationships make them an outstanding partner for the ASCA.  

McGowan Programs is committed to working through the independent insurance agency system – they do not directly solicit business from insureds. If you are an ASCA member that is or was in the ASCA’s program, please email a loss-run request to MUSIC at along with your policy number. MUSIC will turn around this request very quickly and email the loss runs back to you, which you'll then need to forward to the McGowan companies to the attention of Michael Moncada at

If you have any questions regarding the insurance process, please do not hesitate to reach out to Michael Moncada at the McGowan companies. His direct phone number is (440) 333-6300, Ext 3670.