Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Why should my company join the ASCA?
    a. We have the best education in the industry: covering topics from snow management basics to how to protect yourself from lawsuits. Our education is the only industry education recognized by insurance companies and can provide access to exclusive discounts via insurance programs. 
    b. The ASCA will fight for your company. We have worked tirelessly over the past 5 years with ASCA members and members of the state and federal governments to get legislation introduced and passed. ASCA is instrumental in laws in 10 states that protect the snow contractor from assuming unfair liability in slip and fall lawsuits. 
    c. We work with insurance carriers to reduce rates and fight claims on your behalf.
    d. ASCA offers you the opportunity to network with industry peers and complete hands-on education seminars. Our industry events, including Executive Summit and the Snow and Ice Show, offer unparalleled opportunities to connect with other industry leaders.
    e. We give you the tools to adhere to industry standards by providing you with a free copy of the ANSI Accredited Industry Standards and the ISO9001 / SN9001 requirements, developed and implemented by the ASCA. Following these guidelines show your clients you’re trustworthy, reliable, and professional.
  2. How can I join the ASCA?
    a. You can become an ASCA member four different ways:
    i. Fill out our online membership application
    ii. Call our membership office (216-393-0303) and join over the phone
    iii. Send us an email at, and we will contact you to begin the application process
    iv. Fill out the application and mail it back to our offices at 5811 Canal Road, Valley View, OH 44125
  3. What makes the ASCA different from other professional snow and ice management associations?
    a. The ASCA was founded on four pillars: written industry standards, education, verification, and positive legislative change. These fundamentals work to help snow and ice management companies manage their risk within the industry, while the ASCA team works to promote meaningful legislative change. The ASCA is the only association in the snow and ice management industry to create insurance-recognized education. Our courses give you the tools to correctly document your work and reduce your risk. These tools, based on the ANSI Approved Industry Standards, statistically provide a reduction in insurance rates for our members. 

    The ASCA worked with ANSI to implement ISO9001 industry certification, and developed SN9001. These standards are the only industry-approved standards proving your company can deliver quality service. We not only provide you with the tools to reduce your risk, but are constantly working with legislators to implement beneficial change. Through the introduction and support of bills at the state and federal levels we work to pass legislation that directly benefits the snow and ice management community. 


  1. What is the cost of membership?
    a. Membership dues vary based on the type of business you operate and your yearly snow revenues. 
    i. Corporate
    1. $400 annually for companies with revenues over $3,000,000
    2. $325 annually for companies with revenues between $1,000,000 and $3,000.000
    3. $250 annually for companies with revenues between $500,000 and $1,000,000
    4. $200 annually for companies with revenues under $500,000
    5. Our corporate members who elect to sign up for a three-year membership will receive a 10% discount on their annual fee!
    ii. Supplier – These are individuals or companies that sell products and/or services to companies and individuals that provide and perform snow and ice management services.
    1. $400 annually
    iii. Associated – These are individuals that have interests in the snow and ice management industry, but do not fall into the criteria above (i.e. consultants).
    1. $250 annually
    iv. Click here to learn how your company can become a member.
  2. My company is located outside of the United States of America. Can I become a member?
    a. Yes! We have members in 37 states across the US and members in Canada.
  3. My company is a member, but isn’t listed on the membership roster. Who can I contact to add our name? 
    a. Contact Michaela Dodrill (, 216-393-0336) to add your company to our member roster.
  4. I need to change some of my company’s information. Who can I contact? 
    a. Contact Michaela Dodrill (, 216-393-0336) to update company information.
  5. I need to provide a certificate to my insurance carrier proving I’m a member in good standing. Who do I contact? 
    a. Contact Michaela Dodrill (, 216-393-0336) for an updated copy of your membership certificate.
  6. My company missed our renewal date and our membership has lapsed. How to we reinstate our membership? 
    a. Simply fill out a membership renewal application in one of the following ways:
    i. Fill out our online membership application and check the box that says “Renewal”
    ii. Call our membership office (216-393-0303) and renew over the phone
    iii. Send us an email at, and we will contact you to begin the renewal process
    iv. Fill out the renewal application and mail it back to our offices at 5811 Canal Road, Valley View, OH 44125


  1. Why should I get ASCA-Certified?
    a. Our education certification gives you a measurable competitive advantage. Our courses are the only industry education courses recognized by insurance agencies that help companies correctly document their work, improve company standards, and reduce the company’s risk. Our ASCA-Certification positions your company as reliable, professional, and trustworthy; protecting both you, and by extension, your clients. 
  2. How do I start getting ASCA-Certified?
    a. You can start taking courses at any time. Visit the Learning Center, register and log in. Once you’re logged in, select ASCA Courses, under Course Selection select the level you would like to take, add the courses to your cart, and check out. Lastly, select My Courses, and click the green Start button next to each course.
    b. To earn initial certification, the ASCA’s education committee requires the completion of the 100-level courses.
  3. How much does it cost to become ASCA-Certified?
    a. Each ASCA-C level has 10 courses, $15/course. Certification is valid one year from date of completion. 
  4. How long does your certification last? 
    a. Certification is valid one year from date of completion. However, if you complete 2 or more levels in 7 business days, we will extend your expiration date appropriately (e.g. If you complete level 100 on January 1, 2018 and level 200 on January 8, 2018, your certification is valid until January 8, 2020).
  5. I can’t find my login information for the Learning Center. Who do I contact? 
    a. Contact Michaela Dodrill (, 216-393-0336) to obtain or change your login credentials.
  6. I just completed my ASCA-Certification level. Will I get a certificate of proof? 
    a. Yes! Each level completion is reviewed and verified by our Membership and Marketing Manager to ensure your company is a member and that the appropriate courses have been completed. Certificates are traditionally sent out within 3 business days of completing the level. However, if you need your certificate expedited, please contact Michaela Dodrill (, 216-393-0336).
  7. How do I view my individual course completion certificates in the Learning Center? 
    a. Select My Courses and scroll down to the Completed Courses section. Next to each course will be a green Certificate button, which will populate the certificate in a new tab. If the certificate isn’t appearing, check to ensure your pop-up blocker has been turned off.
  8. My ASCA-Certification has lapsed. How do I become recertified? 
    a. Log in to the Learning Center and take the next level of courses needed. Your ASCA-Certification will be valid once the level is completed.
  9. Is there a way to sign up multiple employees for certification training at one time? 
    a. At this time, we don’t have this option. However, we’re working with our website team on streamlining this process, and will update you with changes! 
  10. My company would like to obtain SN9001 certification. How do we begin the process? 
    a. You can learn more about SN9001 specific courses in the learning center.  If you are looking for a consultant to help walk you through the process, please call the ASCA offices and we can provide you with a list of consultants that specialize in preparing snow contractors for the SN 9001 Certification.
  11. My company is not an ASCA member. Can I still take courses in the Learning Center? 
    a. Yes! The Learning Center courses are available to everyone. We encourage industry-wide education. However, unless your company is an ASCA member, you will not receive an ASCA-Certificate showing you are certified. 


  1. Can you recommend a snow insurance carrier in my area? 
    a. ASCA can recommend two independent insurance agencies, Snow Removal Insurance Brokerage and Mills Insurance Group, LLC. SRIB will work with your current agent to help get you insured. MIG will work with you directly to get you insured. Both are owned by Matthew Peterson.
  2. Are there discounted premiums available for members of the ASCA?
    a. Yes! The rising cost of insurance is one of the top concerns for most of our members. We provide you with access to insurance programs that offer exclusive discounts to ASCA members.
  3. Can I purchase a copy of the ANSI approved System Requirements for Snow and Ice Management Services? What is the cost? 
    a. Our ANSI standards are free to members. We worked with ANSI to create the industry standards to positively impact your business, as well as your clients’, by reducing the risk of losing frivolous lawsuits. The standards are available to purchase for $400 by contacting
  4. Can I purchase a copy of the SN9001? 
    a. Our System Requirements are free to members! If your company is interested in becoming a member, please click here.
    b. You can purchase the System Requirements for $35.00 by contacting
  5. I am looking for contract templates. Who can I contact? 
    a. Please contact Joshua Ferguson, ASCA General Counsel (, 267-758-6024) to speak with him regarding discounted prices for ASCA members on contract templates.