Accredited Snow Contractors Association Committees

The ASCA's goal has always been to advocate for the snow and ice management industry.  We are only able to do this with the active participation of our members.  In order to better hear them, we have formed five committees on our key areas of concern: Industry Standards, education, government affairs, membership, and safety.  If you are interested in joining one of our committees, please contact Kevin Gilbride.

Industry Standards Committee

Our Industry Standards Committee has collaborated to put in writing the first ever set of Industry Standards for the professional snow and ice management industry.  These standards are the basis of our ISO certification process and are a huge influence on the outside world.  The Industry Standards committee will continue to monitor these standards, amend them when necessary and continue to work with the American National Standards Institute to ensure our standards are up to par with the necessary process and procedures to ensure reduced risk in our members operations.

Committee Members: David Lammers, Chair: Garden Grove Landscaping; Jim Anderson: Premiere Landscaping; Rick Bell: Arctic Snow and Ice; Mike Jones: True North Outdoor; John Allin: PJA, Inc.; Nick Mossotti: BSR Services; Matt Peterson: Mills Insurance


Education Committee

The Education Committee has established the educational requirements for ASCA, based upon the ANSI Approved National Standards and programs that will reduce risk for our members.  Our educational programs are created with the strictest standards in place.  The Education Committee will continue to establish educational programs that raise the bar for our industry, as well as create partnerships with other entities to deliver that education to our membership.

Committee Members: Matt Boelman, Chair:  Matt Scott, Troy Clogg Snow Associates; Kyle Rose, Rose Property Management; Keith Clapper, Schill Grounds Management; Joe Gibbons, TSI Snow

Government Affairs Committee

The Government Affairs Committee is working to protect snow and ice contractors nationwide from the laws that plague our industry.  The committee is working with the U.S House of Representatives and state legislators to enact change in our legal system.  They will continue to push at the state and federal level to educate legislators on the issues our industry faces and propose appropriate changes to bring fairness to the laws.

Committee Members:  Mike Jones, Chair; Josh Ferguson: Kent McBride; Ken Hucheson: US Lawns; Teri Meredith: Eastern, LLC; Scott Neave: Neave Snow Management; Jerry Schill: Schill Grounds Management; Peter Schultz: Pleasantview Landscapes; Mike Weiss: Weiss Commercial Property Services


Membership Committee

The membership committee has established our programs and policies to acquire and serve our membership.  The committee will continue to work to ensure we are achieving the goals set forth by membership as well as communicate the value of ASCA to our current and potential members.

Committee Members: Crystal Arlington, co-chair, Affiliated Grounds Maintenance Group; Joe Gibbons, Tim’s Snowplowing; Chuck Landzmann, Snow and Ice Management of PA; Jeff Tunnis, Advanced Snow Solutions; Tom Canete: Canete Snow Management


Safety Committee


The safety committee has been created to establish a basic safety protocol for the professional snow and ice management industry.  This committee will work to establish recommended safety procedures complied from the best practices of the top contract nationwide.  This will include a broad range of protocol including training, safety plans, safety procedures etc. 

Committee Members: David J. Frank, Chair: David J. Frank Landscape Contracting; Jodie Gilroy: Boss Snowplows; Tom Hougnon: Reliable Property Services; Chris Marino: Extreme Snow Pros; Chad Oberson: Pbersons Nursery; Tom Canete: Canete Snow Management