Frequently Asked Questions ASCA membership, courses and certification

What is the cost of membership?

Membership dues range between $200 and $400 annually.  They are based off your snow revenues or the type of business you operate.  For more information, visit our membership page.

How do I join the ASCA?

You have three options for joining the Accredited Snow Contractors Association:

  1. Fill out our online membership application.
  2. Call our membership office at 216-393-0303 and join over the phone.
  3. Send us an email at, and our team will contact you.

How much does ASCA Certification cost?

Each of our courses in the Learning Center cost $15.  In order to become ASCA Certified (ASCA-C), you must complete all ten courses in each level and renew your certification each year.  The total cost of ASCA-C is $150 annually.

How can I become ASCA Certified?

Becoming ASCA Certified is an easy process that can be done anytime of the year!  Our courses are online video presentations, so they are available 24/7 in our Learning Center.

  1. Make sure your company is an ASCA member company.  If it is not, it can become a member company by visiting our membership page.
  2. If you have never taken courses before, visit our Learning Center and click "Register here if you don't have an account." Enter the information and create an account.
  3. Purchase the ten 101-level courses.  If you are renewing your ASCA Certification, you will purchase 201-level, 301 level, etc. 

    **You must take the courses in order!
    101-level first, 201-level second, and so on.
  4. Each course is about one hour and has a short quiz at the end.  Complete all ten courses and quizzes.
  5. When your level is complete, you will receive a certification recognizing your achievement via email by the next business day.  Congratulations!

Who in my company should become ASCA Certified?

ASCA Certification is education intended for the individual.  Anyone in an ASCA member company can become certified.  It is recommended for those who will be working in a supervisory or management capacity, however each company operates differently.  Many of our member companies have their entire staff ASCA Certified.

What are some of the courses offered as part of ASCA Certification?

The courses listed below are a sample of the topics covered.  For a complete list, visit our Learning Center.

  1. Education & Training to Meet the Industry Standards
  2. Snow Management Basics
  3. Risk Management
  4. ISO9001 Quality Management Systems
  5. Post-Event Processes
  6. Liquid De-icers